> (1) My result set for each query is a <tei:entry/> with multiple
> <tei:cit/>'s (one for each time the word appears in the text). I need
> metadata about the search in order to construct a useful HTML interface,
> and metadata implies a <teiHeader/> to my mind, but I've had real
> difficulty constructing a <teiHeader/> for a result set. Has anyone else
> come up with a satisfying solution to this?

For the sake of completeness, here is what I have settled on for the teiHeader for this. This is at http://localhost:8081/exist/he_kupu_tawhito/kupu.xql?reo=mi&kupu=mohio but the quesy can't see the first couple of components of that.

            <titleStmt> Rapunga: mohio</titleStmt>
                    <ref target="">He Kupu Tawhito</ref>
                <idno type="url.path">kupu.xql</idno>
                <idno type="url.query.kupu">mohio</idno>
                <idno type="url.query.reo">mi</idno>
                <idno type="url.query.kotahi">1</idno>



Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services