I think I will just stick with "und". And I will let the free text declare the regional assertion.

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I think we'd probably just use the three-letter ISO-639-2 code "und" 
('undetermined'), but that of course fails to capture the "African"
part of the description. The ISO-3166 region designations can
be used to further specify, but I do not think that they include
continents (or anything bigger than countries), so you might
have to make up a private-use qualification to "und-". I've not
done that, so I  am speaking in ignorance, as always.


On Mon, 3 Jan 2011, McAulay, Elizabeth wrote:

> Happy New Year TEI folks!
> I am reviewing a TEI Header for a colleague and I'm looking for the best way to note in a TEI Header that an "unknown African language" is used in part in the document. I wanted to declare that information in
> <langUsage>
>   <language ident="">unknown African language</language>
> </language>
> I've reviewed the P5 guidelines, but the emphasis seems to be on declaring known languages.
> Thanks,
> Lisa
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