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On 11-01-23 07:48 AM, Lou Burnard wrote:
> Hi Martin
> [Your comment arrived at the same time as I was tweaking my mail
> settings to prevent my reply to Sebastian being rejected, or I'd have
> amplified my earlier response the first time round]
> As you see, I don't agree that the<facsimile>  is the same as the
> cemetery. The relationship between a<TEI>  which is a single stone and a
> <TEI>  which contains additional information about (or representations
> of) all the stones' contexts seems to me quite similar to the
> relationship between a<TEI>  which is a single document in a collection,
> and a<TEI>  which is a document that happens to contain images of all
> the documents in said collection.  In neither case is it necessarily a
> part/whole relationship. There may be data in the<facsimile>  about
> things other than gravestones, surely?

There may indeed be, in which case there is a case for treating the 
cemetery as a sibling to the individual gravestones. But what if that's 
_not_ the case? What if there are graphical representations of a whole 
which is unambiguously the parent of the component <TEI>s?

The example of a "boxed set" of novels comes to mind. The box would 
merit its own images and metadata, but it's categorically the container 
of the novels. Wouldn't that be a good case for <facsimile> in <teiCorpus>?


> best wishes
> Loou
> On 23/01/11 15:38, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> HI Sebastian,
>> This is intriguing. I'd never thought of this sort of use-case for
>> <facsimile>   before, but it looks quite convincing to me. If we don't
>> allow<facsimile>   as a child of<teiCorpus>, you'll be reduced to some
>> strategy such as making the cemetary a sibling<TEI>   object with the
>> gravestones, which clearly misrepresents the relationship between them.
>> I would vote for allowing it.
>> Cheers,
>> Martin
>> On 11-01-23 07:03 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>>> I was slightly surprised to find that we have not allowed<facsimile>    as a child of<teiCorpus>,
>>> and I am wondering whether  I am the only person who wants it.
>>> I have records of gravestones which I manage as a set of<TEI>    objects,
>>> each with a header containing a and<msDesc>    and a<listPerson>,
>>> and a<text>    with transcription. All these are combined in a master
>>> <teiCorpus>    with its own header containing taxonomies and so on.
>>> However, I also have a digitized cemetery plan which I want to
>>> manage as a<facsimile>    under<teiCorpus>
>>> So
>>>     a) am I doing this wrong, OR
>>>     b) should<facsimile>    be allowed inside<teiCorpus>
>>> ?
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