On 01/28/2011 05:52 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> When a new TEI release comes out, what does it mean to you? do you
>   * grab a zip file from SF, install locally and use
>   * get a Debian package release
>   * reference schemas or docs on the TEI web site
>   * update your schema using Roma
>   * wait for oXygen to include it
>   * admire the results, but carry on as you are with P3 SGML

If this survey is going to be meaningful, I think it needs a bit more 
thinking through. First of all, these are not the same sorts of options. 
Some have to do with how you do it, some have to do with time lapse, 
some have to do with software support. It's apples, oranges, peaches, 
and cats.

My response (in terms of timing) would have been something along the 
lines of "wait until it seems that the majority of people have upgraded 
to it, so that I can get help from just about anybody." Which is long 
has nothing to do with how I would get it (is that important?), or 
whether or not George has taken it seriously.




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