It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that the 2011 TEI 
Conference and Members Meeting will be hosted by the University of 
Würzburg and its Centre for Digital Editing in cooperation with the 
German Archive of Literature / Museum of Modern Literature Marbach.

The proposed conference dates are 10-16 October 2011.

The conference programme committee and local organisation will be led by 
Laurent Romary for the TEI and Fotis Jannidis, Roland Kamzelak (German 
Archive of Literature Marbach), Malte Rehbein (manager), and Werner 
Wegstein for the local organisation.

The specific wording of the theme of the conference is to be determined 
by the committee and will appear in the call for papers. But it should 
include an emphasis on digital editing in keeping with the emphasis of 
the Centre at the University. As always papers on all aspects of markup 
will be considered.

As part of the planning for the conference, the local organisers intend 
to offer delegates an excursion to Marbach to visit the German Archive 
of Literature, the Schiller Museum (Marbach is the birthplace of 
Friedrich Schiller), and the Museum of Modern Literature. Special rates 
have already been negotiated with local hotels.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.