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On 11-01-30 07:03 AM, Tamás Kende wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm absolutely a rookie in TEI, but I had the same problem when I
> digitize old letters from the early 20th centuries. It was a
> conversation between two persons so I decided to put all letters in a
> <teiCorpus> and each individual letter to a <TEI>. The link to the
> images of each pages was in a facsimile/surface/zone/graphic tag of the
> <TEI>, and I connected this with the pb@facs attribute in the <text>.
> Maybe I was wrong, but it was logical to me :).

This looks like exactly the expected usage of <facsimile>, and would be 
valid under the current schema.

The problem raised by Sebastian would arise if, for instance, your 
collection of letters had been bound in a container volume, and you 
wanted to include images of the volume cover, then (I would argue) the 
natural place for those images would be in a <facsimile> which is a 
direct child of <teiCorpus>; but under the current schema, that would 
not be valid.