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> Actually Dutch does have the prefix toe- for watching and seeing.

Yes, but that's slightly different from the German example in that the verb
for "to watch" can also take that prefix.

> The word
> "toekijken" does exist, and its means roughly "to stand by watching".

Yes. In that sense, _toe-_ kinda means "to stay on the side", see
_toelaten_: "allow something to happen, allow someone to do something,
accept someone in a club/organisation/school".

> Even
> "toezien" exists in the phrase "op ... toezien", and it means something
> like
> "to make sure (watching) that ... goes well".

Its meaning is close to the English "to overview".

> The equivalents with listening
> do not exist (that I know), however.
Well, according to the dictionary they do, although I can't remember hearing
them, so they might not be used that much. According to the dictionary,
_toehoren_ means something like "to hear (s.o.) out". _Toeluisteren_ seems
to mean kind of the same, but can also be used to mean "to pay attention to
s.o.". As far as I've been able to find out, those are not used actively in
the current language, but used to be.

In this case, _toe-_ does seem to indicate a wilful activity, which is close
to how German does it.
Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets.