On 21/01/2011 02:24, Gary Shannon wrote:
> Of all the many things "wrong" with Esperanto the "-oj"
> plural ending is perhaps (IMHO) the most hideous. Yech!

Yes - IIRC even Zamenhof himself came to dislike that 
feature and wanted to change it.  But the growing band of 
late 19th century Esperantists, alarmed at the way Volapük 
had collapsed under competing reforms, held out against any 

> ---R A Brown---
>> Computers are machines meant to aid humans - humans are
>> not meant to be slaves to machines however
>> "intelligent" the machine may appear to be.
> Ah, but imagine a future where humans are either extinct,
> or have, in fact, become slaves to the computers.

Not a future I want to imagine. Either of those futures 
would surely imply a 'lack of moral fiber' on the part of 
humans - tho the way humans are behaving, the first scenario 
doesn't require very much imagination  :(

>> I'm a bit puzzled by the subject line "Fixing
>> English." There is an old truism: "If it works, don't
>> fix it."
> Perhaps "fixing" should have been in tongue-in-cheek
> quotes. After all, the whole exercise is meant to be just
> for fun, and not something to be taken seriously.

Ah - not 'fixing', but rather a computerese-English pidgin, 
so those intelligent machines can communicate with their 
intelligence-challenged human slaves    ;)

Frustra fit per plura quod potest
fieri per pauciora.
[William of Ockham]