Am 4 Feb 2011 um 06:51 schrieb Max Dominik Weber:

> On Thu, 3 Feb 2011 16:17:52 -0000, James Campbell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Just wondering who else uses their conlangs in a technological setting.
> I tend to name recent projects in conlangs, like my Batu  or the 
> colllang Naeso
> For example, I have just started writing an IRC daemon with the name "Lila", which is 
> both Batu for "conversation" and German for "purple". I am also currently working on a 
> Cocoa IRC framework which is intended to be used for bots. I named it "PiudaMivo", 
> which translates from Naeso as "HumanComputer" (a.k.a. "bot"). Also, my home WLAN 
> has the SSID (network name) "Dakai", which is Naeso for "network".
> I should try and translate Skype into Jajuna.

My computers are named in Rejistanian: Jenji (hidden, because the desktop hides under my desk), Sydi (fast, it is a kind of joke: the computer has 133MHz), Veran (green, it is a neon-green Allfine netbook) and Janek (small, my first netbook was incredibly small when I got her). One of my pendrives has the volume name vaka which means stuff.

I once considered translating Konqueror into Rejistanian, but shied away from that since it is too much of a challenge. But yeah, I should start with a smaller tool..

Sanja'het mi'kadani hantes.