So, that is the translation into my conlang, Yuelami [jula'mi] for

"All your demands will be met"

Order reversion:

"Be met[answered] will the demands your all"

Nueyuesanole ya betayrao maosie vamao (to a man)
Nueyuesanole ya betayrao masie vamao (to a woman)
Nueyuesanole ya betayrao naosie vamao (to men)
Nueyuesanole ya betayrao nasie vamao (to women)
Nueyuesanole ya betayraos anusie vamao (to men and women)

anolue : to answer
-ue: verbal infinitive marker
yuesanolue : to be answered
-s-, -s: linking consonant
nue : neutral "they"
-e: future marker
ya: neutral plural definite article, "the" (singular: yu)
betarue: to ask for something
betarao: sing. "an asking", "a demand"
-ao: verb-derived noun marker
betayrao: plural, "demands"
-y- : plural infix
mao-: you (man)
ma-: you (woman)
nao-: you (men)
na-: you (women)
anue-: you (men and women, "neutral" or "common" form)
-sie: genitive/possessive marker
vamao: neutral adjective "all" (masculine: vamei, feminine: vame)


Maruelonoa Riebeiyroa