I'm in need of some information about naming practices in Romance speaking

I'm pretty familiar with Spanish (Given, [other given], Father's family,
Mother's family) and Protuguese (Given, [other given], Mother's family,
Father's family) customs (though I understand there is some degree of
variation).  And I know that Romanian practice is Family, Given, [other

I had always assumed that French names worked like English ones with one or
more given names followed by a single family name, but a Romanian friend
insists that French names work like Romanian names with the family
preceeding the given.  Can you set me straight Christophe?  Adn did France
ever have the custom of giving the child both the father's and the mother's
family name?

What about Italy?  Again, I had assumed that the order was as in English,
but is that corect?  And the same question about double family names, was
that ever a practice in Italy?

I am trying to settle on naming customs for C-a and had just about decided
on Spanish-style customs when I realized this may be a peculiarity of the
Iberian penninsula which I don't really need/want to introduce into C-a.

Adam the confused