Well, searching around the net today I found a site that seemed to say they
do exactly the same sort of thing Christophe describes for French names in
Italy as well -- with the normal order being Given Family, but in all sorts
of "formal" contexts reversing the order to Family Given with no commas

So, ATM I am thinking Carrajina will have Given Father's Family.  I don't
believe the Mother's family name will be used.  However, I am strongly
concidering including a patronymic of the form ban X between the given and
family names thus:

ul Dunadu ban ul Tangredu djils Mundis
Donatus son-of Tancred from-the Mountains

ul Maju ban ul Mateu djul Ipu
Mario son-of Matthew from Hippo

ul Muamudu ban ul Asanu il Zirridi
Mohammud son-of Hassan Zirid

ul Hulipu ban ul Alexandru ul Nodoju
Philip son-of Alexander Notary

ul Izagu ban ul Avramu il Alevi
Isaac son-of Abraham Levite
ul Xenudu ban ul Margu ul Cogradoju
Shenouda son-of Marc Merchant

If I were to include the mother's family name (which I really don't see a
motivation for since it really does seem to be an Iberian phenomenon), I
think it would need to go after the father's name and would need some sort
of connector - perhaps dji (from/of) or ed (and).  I do believe that married
women will add their husband's family name to the end joining it with ad

So *if* I went with the double-family name option I *could* end up with a
woman named

al Maja bed ul Machu il Carvani ed ul Huereru ad ul Nodoju ed djal Mauta
Mary daughter-of Matthew Kairouani and Blacksmith to Notary and from Malta


That's even worse that Maria Cristina Caetano Fernandes de Oliviera Azavedo!


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> I only did French in high school, and don't recall seeing this during
> that time.
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