Hey David,

thanks for the praise :) You mean the "Course Book". I wrote those 
lessons quite early on, though, I think in 2005, so the language has 
changed considerably since then, but I didn't update the Course. I just 
took it off the web sometime. At the moment I'm trying to finally write 
that grammar and this time complete it, but it'll still take a while 
until iut is finished. As you can see, there's still many blank 
chapters. And before I haven't written the grammar I won't make new 
exercises I guess. I can see how the grammar as it is right now is a bit 
unwieldy, because I feel the same whenever I want to look something up 
very quickly.


Am 02.03.2011 21:55, schrieb David Johnson:
> As I recall, you used to have
> two versions of the grammar a technical version, as now and a uh- more
> accessible version for different audiences. Will the latter be returning?

Ayeri Grammar (WIP): (PDF)
Der Sprachbaukasten: