On 16/03/2011 21:14, David Peterson wrote:
> I remember a list from awhile back (I thought it was on
> Langmaker; either that or Gary's site, but I don't see it
> now) that had 400 basic words or concepts in different
> categories that could be used as a starting point for a
> conlang's vocabulary. Does anyone recollect this list,
> and if so, does anyone have a link?

A list of 400 basic words on Langmaker which can used as a 
starting point for a conlang's vocabulary sounds like 
Jeffrey Henning's Dublex.

For a description of Dublex, see:

The 400 words are on:

Although the Langmaker home page is no longer available, 
quite a bit of the the Langmaker site is still accessible 
online, including the Dublex pages

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