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> though also what would the most
> logical meaning of an instrumental pronoun be?

I would expect an animate instrumental pronoun to mean something like
"with his/her assistance" and an inanimate  instrumental pronoun to
mean "using it".  E.g.

I hired an assasin.   I killed my enemy her.INSTR

I bought a knife.  I killed my enemy it.INSTR

gjâ-zym-byn doesn't mark case on pronouns any differently than on
nouns; it's via postpositions rather than inflections in both cases
and for all thematic roles (except for a small number of subject-like
thematic roles which can be marked purely by word order in a default
word-order sentence).  For the first sense above, I'd use the
postposition {θĭ-ř}, literally "help-from"; for the second, {syj-i},

Jim Henry