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On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 9:39 AM, janko gorenc <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi Patrick,
> Today I found on Constructed Languages List about your new conlang
> Alurastinanic.
> Please you tell me if you'll have numbers from Alurastinanic in future.
> Could you please send me numbers from 1 to 10?
> Thank you for your help!
> Janko Gorenc
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> *From:* Patrick Dunn <[log in to unmask]>
> *To:* [log in to unmask]
> *Sent:* Fri, April 1, 2011 7:30:42 PM
> *Subject:* My new language
> This language, called Alurastinanic (pronounced [ba]] is a oligofusional
> language in which all morphemes are fused into a single conjugation of the
> same syllable.  The vocabulary and grammar are terms borrowed from the
> Swadesh list.
> I.  Nouns
> Nouns have six genders (male, female, neuter, should be neutered, kind of
> attractive in a creepy way, and bark) and five cases (nominative,
> accusative, accusatory, accuvision, nomnominative [used only for food
> items]).  They're also marked for four numbers (singular, singularity [used
> only for black holes], the number forty-two, and bark [used only for
> bark]).
> Each of the above morphemes is realized as a the syllable [ba], which fuses
> with the root, all of which are pronounced [ba].  Hence, a declension of
> the
> masculine noun [ba] in all its forms is as follows:
> [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba]
> [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba] [ba]
> II. Verbs
> Verbs conjugate for tense, mood, aspect, sleepiness, colorfulness,
> sleepiness, furiousness.  Fortunately, all such morphemes are fused into
> one
> suffix: [ba], which attaches only to null roots.
> III.  Adverbs
> No one likes adverbs.
> IV.  Adjectives
> Adjectives usually agree with nouns, unless they've been drinking.
> V.  Conjunctions
> What's your function?
> VI.  Particles
> Every sentence contains a proverb particle and an antiverb particle, which
> undergo a transformation that moves them to the same syntax node, causing
> an
> explosion that converts both particles into pure meaning.
> VII.  Conclusion
> I anticipate that this language will quickly supersede Klingon as a huge
> waste of dorks' time.  It is perfectly regular and quite naturalistic, so I
> anticipate that the UN will adopt this as the official auxlang of the New
> World Order.  Or, as we'll soon know it, [ba] (spelled
> "Polilogilogipastical").

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