I'm sure real Russian speakers will weigh in when they see this, but in
the meantime:

On Sun, Apr 03, 2011 at 11:04:10AM -0700, Roger Mills wrote:

> What is the correct transliteration of the Russian letter that looks 
> like 61? I think it's "y" but want to be sure

In CXS, I would use "1".  It's a high central vowel.  But you are asking
about transliteration, not transcription...

Seven of the nine transliteration schemes shown in the Wikipedia article
on the subject use "y", yes.

> And what does the word MOCT61 (Mosty?) mean? And "Mosty kultury"? -- 
> is that a publisher or an institute of some sort (in Moscow)?

I believe "Mosty kul'tury" means "Bridges of culture".  

> And is anyone familiar with "Gesharim, Jerusalem"? -- a publisher I suspect.

They have a website at  Its logo also features the words 
"Cultural bridges", so there we go... the sidebar features (in Russian)
"printer", "books", "magazines", "events" and "forum".

> The reason I ask is (toot toot!) I have a small article in this festschrift--
> (how that happened is just short of miraculous, but never mind....)