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> Today I shall share with you a brief essay on Albic
> historical morphology.  Enjoy!

I did indeed -- thank you! A fantastic job to take Albic back not just
to the IE level, but a whole level or two earlier.

I don't know a whole lot about what went on before I-E (I-U, Nostratic,
etc.) but as you may recall, I have a number of conlangs from the World
that are descendants of this very ancient superfamily. The underlying
fiction involves the breakup of the "Puntic" people, who were the
immediate ancestors of the I-E speakers and Semitic speakers. After a
great catastrophe destroyed their homeland, the Punt split up and the
younger languages developed. (I am aware that *here*, there is not much
currency to the "I-E-Semitic" theory, so chalk that up to artistic
license! But the two seem to be related via Nostratic.) I'd be terribly 
interested if you knew of any sources, not too technical but not too
trivial either, on Nostratic or other similar proposed ancient proto-
languages. Mostly, I'm interested in reconstructed paradigms and word
lists. Though I suppose theory is not unwelcome, either!

POIC icaqouis maccareire pros nesser, quois, nem uttato pethoou al jestes 
avors ican, itaverver, al narsas vincere houperi al satanam.

Said Jesus: the one who prays on account of them, who, they carried out 
evil deeds against him, that one indeed, the man conquers over the satan.