On 7 Apr 2011, at 16:45, Peter Bleackley wrote:

>>> Its predominantly VSO, like the Semitic tongues (and, in my experience, the Vulgate: 'in principio creavit Deus...')
>> I would suspect that most of the Vulgate is not VSO -- but I could be wrong!
> In this passage St Jerome was probably consciously imitating the word order of the Hebrew
> bereshit bara Elohim...

"In principio" is a prepositional phrase, and beginning a sentence with such a phrase often causes a syntactic inversion.

Ich habe meinem Bruder ein Buch gegeben.
In März habe ich meinem Bruder ein Buch gegeben.

I doubt you can say much about Jerome's word order from the first sentence as it is thus marked. Isn't the unmarked sentence SOV, "Vestis virum reddit" 'clothes make the man'?

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