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> Much as I felt in Taiwan when people
> insisted I had yellow hair.  First of
> all, my hair is medium to dark brown.  Second of all
> hair is blond, not
> yellow.

Well, when everyone else's hair is *black* and then you come along, what
do you expect!? It's not like everyone will be equipped with a full 
compliment of descriptors to fit your particular hue!

Some Philippinos of my acquaintence call blond hair "yellow" and have
trouble with brown, sandy, dirty blond, ginger and red. Their experience
has largely been that everyone has black hair, unless you're really
REALLY old, and then it's more like salt-n-pepper or grey. Other hair
and even eye colours are unknown except in perhaps movies or magazines for
those that read and can afford them.

> But then, in Chinese, it seems that any hair color short of
> raven-black is yellow.
> Adam