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>.. but I found, some time in the 90s, that one cannot create a lexicon that is 
not embedded in some culture or other (-- a point that seems tritely obvious, 
in hindsight!), and hence, like Tolkien, I was moved to create a fictional world 
for Livagian.

Why not use one's current culture?  Both as a conlang user and a sometimes 
conlang creator, I tend to the other extreme-- I consciously want the language 
I use and create to reflect the culture of an urban professional in the Mid-
Atlantic coast of the US. 

I figure I'm going to need a smooth & efficient means for expressing phatic 
speech, signals for rank recognition (sir, professor), ways to fill silent gaps to 
avoid awkward silence, etc.

Anyhow, being true to one own culture and being a conlang has certain 
advantages, e.g. one can force the language to catch up with the times &amp; deal 
with issue like he/she vs they when you need a gender non-specific anaphora.

And effective cussing is going to depend on what you grew up with-- chort 
vosmi (russian for devil take it), just has no strength for me as compared to, 
say, unpa waso or nena suli, to use a toki pona example.

Matthew Martin