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> wrote:
> >Thanks for references! I've already seen the toolkit, and I'm considering
> >buying a paperback variant. Well, I have to confess that I'm looking for
> >more or less concrete schemes, like p-f-h- [image: \varnothing] or
> >g-k-h- [image:
> >\varnothing]. Maybe this is too concrete, but some recipes like "a
> consonant
> >before a high vowel tends to be palatalized" or "a common feature of the
> >mutation is a loss of final nasal consonant with a
> >simultaneous nasalization of  the preceding vowel". Well, again too
> >concrete, maybe.
> bricka of the ZBB made an introductory list of this nature, once:
> A start has also been made at including some such information on FrathWiki,
> thanks mostly to John Vertical I think: see e.g.
> Alex

Oh yeah, this looks much more like a "Young conlanger's sound change kit"

I just have a separating protolanguage, and I want to
1) make a reduction, with loss of phoneme number, but with a bit more wide
arsenal of finales as in Chinese
2) forming noun classes, gluing the nouns with their classes, and
assimilation of the finale of the class with the initial consonant of a

So what I needed were
1) plausible set of finales
2) plausible assimilation

Thanks once more, the references may really help.