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>>>> For me, putting Quenya on the 9'th place looks
>>>> like a blasphemy
>>> Yes, but the real vicitim of rankings of this kind
>>> is Sindarin, every
>> time.
>> I'm no expert in Elvish (yet), but isn't one a
>> diachronic variation on the other?

If one's going to argue like that one may as well say that
French is just a diachronic variation of Latin!

> Well, not exactly. AFAIK, Quenya and Sindarin used to
> have a common ancestor, with Quenya being more
> conservative.

Correct.  Both Quenya & Sindarin are descended from 

> Maybe You are right: since the elves of
> the Middleearth are immortal,

Though Elves can be slain, or die of grief and weariness.

But the point surely is that Quenya & Sindarin are different
languages and not variants of the same one.

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