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>Thanks for references! I've already seen the toolkit, and I'm considering
>buying a paperback variant. Well, I have to confess that I'm looking for
>more or less concrete schemes, like p-f-h- [image: \varnothing] or
>g-k-h- [image:
>\varnothing]. Maybe this is too concrete, but some recipes like "a consonant
>before a high vowel tends to be palatalized" or "a common feature of the
>mutation is a loss of final nasal consonant with a
>simultaneous nasalization of  the preceding vowel". Well, again too
>concrete, maybe.

bricka of the ZBB made an introductory list of this nature, once:

A start has also been made at including some such information on FrathWiki,
thanks mostly to John Vertical I think: see e.g.