Those of you on G+ who got a 404: I don't have you in my circles, and
that post was limited. Sorry about that; oversight on my part.

Here's a public version:

If you don't want to out yourself publicly (seriously? still closeted,
post LCC3, ILIL, Dothraki, etc? your call…), you can add those of us
who are out to private circles, share through that, see if you get
reshares within the network of conlangers and so forth.

Also FWIW: G+ does seem to do privacy models quite well, IMO as
someone who's done computer security professionally. Obviously however
you can't hide your info from G+ itself - for that you need a P2P FOAF
type system - but literally everything on your profile except for your
name and profile pic, all your posts, etc can have granular privacy
settings attached.

Whether that's enough for you or not is not something I can address;
it could be you just don't want google to have that data. But of
course they do have that data, if it's out anywhere on the 'net that's
publicly reachable. If you really care about your privacy, go use Tor
and Freenet. ;-)

- Sai