Alex & I have fairly broadly discussed how to render names in UNWLS[0].

IIRC we haven't really arrived at a conclusion yet, having not had to do so.

Any thoughts on the matter from y'all? (Do keep in mind that UNWLS has
somewhat unusual premises, discussed in the intro. One for example is
that we don't really have clearly distinct word classes like 'noun'.)

Some possibilities:

* names are unique glyphs constructed in an unusual fashion — possibly
not bearing much resemblance to other glyphs

* names are unique glyphs constructed in the usual fashion, through
family resemblance variation etc

* names that are calcified (maybe ligated) descriptives

* names are not used; rather, people are signified by simple
descriptive phrases (likely untenable outside small circles),
reference, etc

* transcription system for non-UNWLS-native names (ecch…)

* something else you've thought of but I haven't

- Sai

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