I'd like to have the LCS make some flyer templates for people
interested in starting a local RL conlanging meet / club / etc.

So, translation challenge:

 "Are you a conlanger?" / "Do you make languages?" / [equivalent for
you to determine]

For my convenience in compilation, please include the name you want to
be credited by (if it's not the one in your From:), the name of the
language and URL for its homepage.

If it's not in a standard Unicode script, please privately email me a
Word or OpenOffice doc plus whatever font(s) are needed, or a high-res
/ SVG image of it. Please note where the word boundaries are if it's
not obvious (since I may have to word wrap it).

I'll presume that anything posted in response to this or emailed to me
privately is something I can repost on the LCS site unless you say

ObCL, explanations of how you treat terms/concepts for "conlanging"
in-conlang should be fun. :-)

(Alex, shall we do one in UNWLS?)