Loglan/Lojban does have nouny words, but all open-class words are verby.
Same goes for Livagian, in which all stems are verby and nothing is nouny.
Probably a lot of your loglangier engelangs are similar, because this
results from an attempt to model pure conceptual structure without imposing
on it a layer of redundant purely syntactic categories.

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>Loglan and Lojban.

According to Wikipedia, Loglan makes no distinction between nouns and verbs,
but this is different than what I am talking about. I am thinking of a
language that is constructed in such a way that it is difficult to construe
any word as a noun, and easy to see them as being verbs.

I am thinking of grouping verbs to create a sense of the action going on.
For example, during a test this combination might come to mind: Focus +
Strain + Agonize. However, I'm not sure yet how these groups will interact
in a larger sense.

--Virginia Keys

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