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> I ran across this line in reference to British politicians turning
> on Murdoch due to recent revelations: "if you strike at the king
> you must kill him."  This reminded me to finish thinking about
> the irresultative for Kahtsaai (the Dothraki slides from LCC4
> started me thinking about it).  I just blogged about more details,
> but here's the sentence, which might make a fun little translation
> exercise:

In Oasa:

sho no 'u munaila shuha, sho aino 'u fe kampola elu lo.

sho -- man, but used as a third person indefinite, "one" or "someone."
no -- sentential particle, "if"
'u -- verbal particle, indicates nonpast
munaila -- to strike at someone
shuha -- king (lit. "flower crown," a very archaic term)
'u -- again, verbal particle, indicates nonpast, but also compound
predicate: i.e., the subject of this verb is the same "sho."
aino -- sentential particle, "then"
fe -- lit., "pray," but often used to indicate obligation in a serial verb
kampola -- kill someone
elu -- him
lo -- evidential, "I have heard it said."

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