I might as well add my bit to the thread "Why I conlang".
Mine started out as a secret language for keeping a secret journal,
and also for teaching to members of my secret society (membership one
but future growth looks promising).

I also have a distrust of authorities and would like some way for a
group to communicate in secret (an admission that could land me in
gitmo bay if I ever set foot in the USA).

So in my case, there's no conculture to go with my conlang. I suppose
it's a bit of an auxlang, in that it's intended for real world use
rather than to enhance fiction, except in my head I'm head guru of a
cult (with plenty of beautiful women) which uses my conlang/auxlang

I intend to teach my conlang, when it's ready, to my two children
Marijke (2 and a half) and Esther (10 months).

I've also decided to open up my secret society to anyone who meets the
following two criteria:

1. Someone I trust.
2. A desire to learn Klakha.

Criterion 1 automatically excludes people I only know online, sorry.

My secret society has no religious, political or ideological basis. In
fact, it would be fun to have members from various religious,
political and ideological positions.

So anyway, the pressure is on for me to finish the font and keyboard
map so I can migrate from handwritten notebooks to my computer. I have
to fit it around work, family and study, so it may be a while before
I have anything to share with the group.
A few months ago I dusted off my notes which had been put aside for
over a decade, then went online and found this mailing list.

Well, that's my 2c worth.