And this is exactly what I was talking about the very first time I saw the map. Take THAT everyone who didn't know what I was talking about and/or said I was crazy!

Insane theories: 1. Regular theories: a billion.

David Peterson
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On Jul 16, 2011, at 5◊47 AM, Carsten Becker wrote:

> Help!
> I've just realized that you can move around the marks on the Conlanger's
> GoogleMaps map Sai started some months ago without being in editing mode,
> and they will stay where you put them. I accidentally grabbed the map to
> move it where on of the marks was, and now qiihoskeh' mark is in the
> Northern Atlantic, and I don't know where it was originally :-S I suppose
> that's happened with a few others whose marks are in the middle of the ocean
> as well. Just FTR.
> Carsten