In Cho.ron:

Nai Kawtshehp Idihnpaw Tuak
(You are a) Mind Marks-from That-are-mouth-of Perhaps?
You are a mind from whom language comes?

Broken down:

Being or mind, implies creative ability.

Marks or writing

From, by, implies motion from something

Tacks the following onto the previous prepositional object rather than the
subject of the sentence.

Mouth or vessel, implies speech or pouring depending on usage.

Of, associated with

An unknown factor and question marker.

For "conlang" I used roughly "marks of the mouth."
I could have used just "marks/writing" or just "mouth" (which implies speech
and language), but knowing the scope of conlangs, neither seemed to suffice
It also seemed to fit because whether or not we actually speak our conlangs,
we generally write them down.

There were several words I could have used for the idea of creating or being
a creator, but I chose to imply it with the use of the word for "mind/being."

You is implied. If you wanted to say "I am a conlanger." or "Who is a
conlanger?" or "Are we conlangers?" you would do it differently.

In using the preposition (is it become a postposition if I use it as a
suffix?) "from/by" I imply motion from something, in this case the mind, so
another reference to creativeness.

And no, this language doesn't use verbs.

In the name Cho.ron, the period is really a glottal stop. I can provide IPA
or whatever if you want, but it'll have to be in a message. Ask if there are
any questions on things I forgot or left ambiguous.

--Virginia Keys