Kash: most literal: aka hahan sendeį? Q you/create~invent language/pl?

"conlang" could be sendahan 'language-created' (noun+adj)

"conlanger" by a stretch could be kesendahan, using an alternate agent-noun prefix. But I prefer an alternative Verb+DO form, using the reg. agentive of ahan and n+s sandhi-- kaņahatende, which would probably be shortened to kaņahatet. So...

Are you a conlanger? could be aka hat kesendahan/ kaņahatet? Q you conlanger? 

Not sure whether an active conlanging community might exist on Cindu; as for auxlangs, they really don't want to talk to the Gwrs any more than necessary, and a Kash-based auxlang would be unnecessary, since they have telepathy