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> the name of the
> language and URL for its homepage.


>  "Are you a conlanger?" / "Do you make languages?" / [equivalent for
> you to determine]

?krĭ-gjâ-pja-ť-van zǒn.
create-language-amateur-2-V.STATE Q.YN

> ObCL, explanations of how you treat terms/concepts for "conlanging"
> in-conlang should be fun. :-)

{krĭ} is used for creative compositions, not for building physical
things or for ex nihilo creation.

{-pja} is an amateur/avocational agentive suffix in contrast to {tu-}
"someone who's doing (verb stem) at the moment" and {-tla} "someone
who does (verb stem) for a living".  David Peterson for instance is
both {krĭ-gjâ-pja}  w.r.t. Kamakawi and  {krĭ-gjâ-tla} w.r.t.

Jim Henry