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>> >In Cho.ron:
>> >
>> >Nai Kawtshehp Idihnpaw Tuak
>> >(You are a) Mind Marks-from That-are-mouth-of Perhaps?
>> >You are a mind from whom language comes?
>> [...]
>> >Notes:
>> >For "conlang" I used roughly "marks of the mouth."
>> >I could have used just "marks/writing" or just "mouth" (which implies
>> speech
>> >and language), but knowing the scope of conlangs, neither seemed to
>> suffice
>> >alone.
>> >It also seemed to fit because whether or not we actually speak our
>> conlangs,
>> >we generally write them down.
>> Might that just not be interpreted as "do you create writing", in
>> particular
>> writing in an extant language?  That's an art much more commonplace than
>> ours...
>> Alex
>Or maybe, "Are you a poet?"  Or "Are you able to speak?"  Or
>metaphorically/idiomatically, "Are you an idiot?"  Is there something in the
>Cho.ron culture to block those interpretations?  If I came across that
>sentence in a translation relay, I'd have no idea which way to go.  It would
>definitely be badger time!

Hmm, good points.
I haven't really thought about metaphors much yet outside of ones that arise
from multiple meanings of a single word. Perhaps the differences are not big
enough, and perhaps I do need a new word for language. Part of the issue may
also be that the existing words for creation imply something about the
degree of completion to which something is made. But I do think I could use
one of those metaphors and say:

Loh Kay Duhmeht Tuak
Means-of-communication (is) Clay/variable (you)-with perhaps?
Language is clay with (you)?

Is this any clearer? Tell me what you think.

Language, means of communication

Clay, something variable/changeable/malleable

Null root, used if you want to attach a preposition to a pronoun as there
are no words for pronouns.


question marker, unknown

--Virginia Keys