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> I ran across this line in reference to British politicians turning
> on Murdoch due to recent revelations: "if you strike at the king
> you must kill him."

In Senjecas:

If a direct statemnt to someone:
da tus medzasúrum do páálgo, toaari tus num órgu kélo:

da = if
tus = you
medz-asúrum = great prince
do = to, towards, at
páálg-o = strike, beat, etc., SUBJ
toaari = then
tus = you
n-um = 3rd person
órg-u = kill, SUPINE
kél-o = must, have to, etc., SUBJ.

If a general principle, one, someone:
for tus, semus = someone, one
for num, olnum = 4th person, sing.