Try finding a dictionary of a natlang spoken only by hunter-gatherers. And
maybe delete some terms for tools. (and imagine that terms for flora and
fauna denote african species). That should give you what you need as a
starting point.

,, And.

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> when you say "language" you seem to mean language in general, i.e. really
> the first language.  d...
That's part of the problem. I guess I'm not exactly sure what I'm
looking for except to ask "did they have a way to express 'rain'?".

> my question:
> did human language have to move *in general *either from general to
That sound very reasonable.

> let me know if i am misunderstanding.  but we are generally talking about
> language hear, and ...
I think what I am really asking, and again this is for the purpose of
building a proto-proto-conlang, is this: If I were to compile an
English-Caveman dictionary, what English words would be listed? Then
if I were to check 100,000 years later what English words would then
be needed, and so on at regular intervals until the lexicon became
something like a modern language?