"He taught the use of consonants, the reason of vowels, the way of the
downstrokes and the up; the time for capital letters, commas, and
colons; and why the 'j' is dotted, with many another mystery."

Use/reason all-the-following-of (begin-list) consonants and-vowels, strokes
and-pauses, letters and-also-many-mysterious-things all-the-previous-of
(end-list) are things-taught him-by

Par Zeypaw Kawt Tawwey, Thihn Tawlihsh, Gee Tawnihvih Awzpaw Rai D’shehp.

I had to coin several words for this sentence also. I changed "why the j is
dotted" to "the use and reasons of letters", and I chose to lump punctuation
marks in with a word for "pause," but it is all there in some form or other.
I threw in some extra "ands" in order to make the reading a little more
fluid than it was originally.

--Virginia Keys