Just a note that may or may not be relevant. Under XSLT 2.0, the id() 
function works with @xml:id even without a DTD or schema to identify it 
as type ID (the type is considered to be intrinsic). So no key call (or 
declaration) is needed; we can just use id().

If this is XSLT 2.0....


On 8/30/2011 12:13 PM, Chris Selwyn wrote:
> I have just upgraded to the latest oXygen 13 and I can see what I think
> is  a bug in makegraphicsanttask.xsl which is used when transforming to
> docx and other formats.
> The key "IDS" is referenced when a facs attribute is a local URI (starts
> with '#') but it is not defined in the XSL.
> I copied the line :-
>     <xsl:key name="IDS" match="*" use="@xml:id"/>
> into makegraphicsanttask.xsl  and now it runs OK.
> This problem is also in the current version of the Stylesheets from the
> TEI trunk.

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