On 16/08/11 18:10, James Cummings wrote:
> Feel free to add a feature request at

Some of you may have noticed that in my response to David I point 
via (OCLC's persistent URL service) to our Feature 
Request tracker on SourceForge.

In case anyone else is interested in using these to refer to TEI 
Feature Requests or Bug ticket numbers on the trackers on 
SourceForge:*number* should take you to that FR's ticket should take your to the FR tracker generally*number* and*number* should take to that BUG's ticket and should take you to the BUG tracker.

(Although the system is case-insensitive I prefer the upper-case 
versions for some reason.) We only use these PURLs as a 
short-hand convenience (and they do make referring to 
bugs/feature requests easier in TEI Technical Council work), if 
anyone thinks of other useful partial-redirect or other PURLs do 
let me know either directly or via a  :-) 
(You can search on for /TEI* to see the ones we already 

Thought maybe I should mention that,


Dr James Cummings, InfoDev,
Computing Services, University of Oxford