TEI Council has recently been discussing the correct content model of 
tei:subst. It is our considered opinion (see ) that the only appropriate children of 
tei:subst are tei:add and tei:del.

The schema and the guidelines currently allow the elements (corr orig 
reg sic unclear app damage restore supplied surplus) in subst, but in 
opinion this is an error, and we propose to fix it in the future. (These 
may all of course be children of add or del, which would be the 
appropriate way to nest them inside one part or the other of a 

Because we are concerned with backward compatibility and finding a 
sensible path toward deprecation of old content models, we would like to 
hear on-list from anybody who uses or has used any element other than 
add and del as a direct child of subst. Will your XML be broken by 
future versions of the TEI schema that restrict this usage? What were 
these elements attempting to represent? Can we find a more canonical way 
to express what you were trying to say with this combination of elements?

Please pass this question on to any TEI users you know who may not be on 
this mailing list.



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