Il giorno lun, 22/08/2011 alle 19.50 +0100, Sebastian Rahtz ha scritto:
> I think Gabriel expresses things well. 
> I _am_ content to give John U (who has the respect of us all, I am sure)
> time to look into what happened; and for the people on the Board to have a decent chance to explain
> why they felt it necessary to take such a major decision. But I _do_ want to hear eventually,
> not least because it may substantially affect the way we vote for the next election, and
> whether or not we stand for election. The deadline for proposing candidates for TEI Board
> and Council is in a couple of weeks, and I want more info before then.

As a member of the TEI community (not a developer, or an editor: a
simple user and teacher of TEI technologies) I wholeheartedly agree with
Elena, Gabriel and Sebastian. I have been following the evolution and
growth of the community for quite some time now, and this is the worst
crisis I ever had a chance to see. John Unsworth has my gratitude and
trust to take hold and chair the TEI Board, but we can't just go ahead
pretending nothing has happened; at the very least, if there are
procedural problems with the current Bylaws/Board functioning they have
to be fixed, and that can't happen if we just turn our back to the
recent past.




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