Dear Sebastian,

On 8/23/2011 4:30 PM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> That's a reasonable approach, if you're willing to give up on the
>> promise of blind interchange. Since personally I think that promise
>> has been oversold, I can live with that.
> I'm not giving  up on the blind interchange, I'm simply interchanging
> my texts _post_ emasculation, surely?

It's the necessity of processing them at all, with the begged question
of who will be writing and maintaining the transformations (assuming the 
analysis is all already done), that presents the impediment.

But who am I to talk? I agree with you -- I see XML syntax, reasonably
transparent and documented tagging, and support from any schema at all
as making for a glass mostly full. It's just that others, I hear, want
some confidence, on finding a TEI document in the wild, that they can
drop it into a TEI system and get decent results.

Nor do I think this is entirely unreasonable, given some definition of
"decent", even if it's harder to achieve than one might think (and
perhaps impossible if we consider TEI's customizability to be just as
important a goal) -- and even if TEI proponents have sometimes suggested 
that blind interchange ought to happen by itself (if only everyone did X 
and Y and Z), or is just around the corner (like strong AI?).


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