I am Chris Selwyn and I am new to TEI (though I am not new to XML and XSLT technologies).

I am interested in the use of TEI in order to encode many documents stretching back to the 18thC that I have concerning the history of my family.

In particular, I would like to use the facsimile capability to encode a scan of each document along with my transcription of it.
I have read and understood the method of encoding the information using @facs and <facsimile> XML.
However, when I generate the document to HTML for publishing on the web, I find that the facsimile is not included in the generated page.
Looking at the XSLT scripts for the HTML generation, I can see that they do not reference either the @facs or <facsimile> information.
However, the epub mechanism (which is also based on HTML) does generate @facs (but not <facsimile>) information into its output.
Whereas, the fo2 mechanism uses <facsimile> (but not @facs) information.

I would like to ask, how do other users render facsimile information into a viewable form for publishing on the web?
Is this something that is normally left as "an exercise for the reader"?

Chris Selwyn