On 8/25/2011 5:13 AM, Mandell, Laura C. Dr. wrote:
>> Furthermore, this discussion isn't a "witch hunt," to use one
>> characterization, or a question of speculating on motivations. John
>> Unsworth made it clear in his initial statement that "strategic
>> priorities" were part of the issues between the Board and Chair. Surely
>> those "strategic issues" are relevant to the upcoming elections to both
>> Board and Council?
> Instead of reading through past email exchanges between board members and
> the former chair, why don't we simply ask ALL the people who run for the
> board (not just former board members) to describe where they stand on
> strategic issues?
As I read, your proposal would give 
us the strategic issues of 2 out of 6 members of the board of directors.


The other 4 members of the board of directors not standing for election.

But what is at issue isn't some general statement of strategic issues 
but a question of what difference on strategic issues was great enough 
to lead to the current situation. Yes?

Surely those strategic issues in particular should be of concern for all 
members of the TEI community. Yes?

Hope you are at the start of a great day!


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