Firstly, I would like to echo a number of other people's comments and 
thank John for bravely stepping into the fray.

Secondly, I would like to make an observation (based on the somewhat 
dated budgets at ): 

Most of the money comes to the TEI from the corporate memberships 
of a relatively small number of relative large high-profile institutions
and goes towards meetings (flights, accommodation & hosting); editors 
and administration. If the underlying issues are about money and 
resources (which they appear to be, to my eye) something in that 
equation needs to change.


I've already written and circulated (via twitter) a straw man model at

Since writing that I've realized another flaw: I believe face-to-face 
meetings make it significantly easier to be inclusive of those for 
whom English is a second language. [Can any English-as-a-second-
language participants confirm that?]