To add to Lou's list, here's another one I set up a few years back for 
the State Library of Victoria:

The TEI source of each journal includes a <facsimile> and a <group> of 
<text> elements, linked by @facs on the <pb/> elements, if I recall 
correctly. So the correspondence is only at the page level (there are no 
<zone> elements).

In the website, we provided two ways to read the text: either the 
facsimile, <surface> by <surface>, or the transcription, <text> by <text>.

On the facsimile pages, the margin contains hyperlinks to the relevant 
transcription pages (i.e. to representations of all the <text> elements 
which correspond to the current <surface>). On the transcript pages, the 
margin contains hyperlinks (with thumbnails) to the corresponding 
facsimile pages (i.e. to representations of all the <surface> elements 
on which a portion of the current <text> is inscribed).


On 10/08/11 01:06, Lou Burnard wrote:
> well, there are quite a few TEI-based websites which do more or less 
> what you are talking about. Maybe it would be a good thing to do some 
> sort of survey?  Of course, they will use different dialects of the 
> TEI, and entirely different software architectures too, but that's 
> part of the joy of the TEI!
> just to get you started, here are just a few suggestions of things to 
> look at:
>> <item><ptr target=""/> : Poetry of 
>> Dafydd ap Gwilym </item>
>> <item><ptr target=""/> : Diary of Robert Graves
>> 1935-9</item>
>> <item><ptr target=""/> : 
>> Queste del saint Graal</item>
>> <!--item><ptr target=""/> : 
>> Chymistry of Isaac Newton</item-->
>> <item><ptr target=""/> : Essai sur le récit 
>> (Bérardier de Bataut)</item>
>> <item><ptr target=""/> : Samuel Beckett 
>> Digital
>> Manuscript Project</item>
>> <item><ptr target=""/> : Jane Austen's 
>> fiction manuscripts</item>
> On 09/08/11 15:10, Chris Selwyn wrote:
>> Hi Sebastien,
>> Thanks for the reply. I guess that is what I was expecting.
>> I was looking at the gravestone example on the Oxford TEI talks website
>> <>
>> which has a worked facsimile example and has an example rendering here
>> <>.
>> I was kinda hoping that something along those lines would be what I
>> would get. However, I suspect that there are many details to work out!!!
>> But not really being an HTML expert, I don't really have a good vision
>> of what "should" be generated.
>> Chris Selwyn
>> On 09/08/2011 14:56, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>>> The short answer for my stylesheet family is that I have not yet
>>> worked out (or indeed worked on) a rendering to HTML. I have some
>>> nascent stuff for ePub
>>> What _should_ come out on the web page?
>>> Sebastian
>>> Carved in stone on my iPad

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