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> On 16/08/11 15:10, Birnbaum, David J wrote:
>> Dear TEI-L,
>> I'm preparing a P5 manuscript description of a menologion, a
>> medieval collection of readings associated with specific
>> calendar dates (month and day of the month). When I look at
>> the contents permitted in<msItemStruct>  (as well as<msItem>),
>> I don't see<date>. What is the P5-approved way to indicate
>> that a particular reading is associated with a particular date
>> of the year?
> I would probably embed them in a <note> with a @type attribute 
> indicating the special nature of this note, a formulaic phrasing 
> and an child <date> element. I'm not saying that is at all a good 
> solution, but probably what I would do because using <docDate>, 
> which is allowed, seems somehow more abusive or non-standard. 
> I've not got a good solution.
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