Dear Martin,

Still a bit confused and lacking detailed information about what happened 
here, I do want, as a member of the TEI community and also as a member of 
the nominating committee, which got you into this hot seat, express my 
thanks for the all the effort you have put in this so far.

I have read through your statement and, although I might have some quibbles 
here and there, I think it lays out the landscape fairly correct and 
proposes important moves for the TEI.  If this has anything to do with the 
coup d'état that happened here,  I think that moved the TEI one step closer 
to marginalizing itself.   But I will wait for more information on what 
exactly happened bevor making that an affirmative statement.

All the best,


On 2011-08-16 05:10, Martin Mueller wrote:
> Sarah's account of the facts is accurate. As soon as I learned that the
> vote of confidence had gone against me 3:1 I recused myself from further
> discussion, submitted my resignation to the Board by email, and asked to
> be taken off the Board and Council mailing lists. There is nothing I have
> to add at this time.
> Members of the TEI-list may be interested in a long and reflective letter
> about the TEI that I sent to the Board and Council on August 4. You can
> find it at As I
> said explicitly in the letter, I intended it as a sharable document in
> which I speak only for myself.
> MM
> On 8/15/11 12:46 PM, "Sarah Wells"<[log in to unmask]>  wrote:
>> To the TEI Council and larger community,
>> As some of you may have heard, the TEI Board had a contentious
>> conference call last week, and the result was the Martin Mueller has
>> resigned as Chair of the Board.
>> This occurred during a regular conference call last Thursday, August 11.
>> Five out of six voting members were expected to attend, but minutes
>> before the Board convened, one member apprised the Board via email that
>> she would not be able to attend. This meant that only four of the six
>> voting members were present, which still represented a quorum.  There
>> were some difficulties in joining the conference call, and one Board
>> member arrived a few minutes late. Prior to the meeting, a Board member
>> requested a point of privilege via email, on a motion of confidence in
>> the Chair. The Chair absented himself from the meeting to switch
>> connections and another Board member moved for the vote of confidence
>> without discussion. It failed, with one vote expressing confidence in
>> the Chair and three against.  When the Chair returned he was apprised of
>> the vote and left the call.
>> We realize that this may raise more questions&  concerns than it
>> addresses, and we will send out a more detailed explanation to account
>> for this event and to outline our plans for finding a replacement. In
>> the meantime, we are working on an interim solution to stabilize the
>> Board. We are continuing our conversations on this list, and will hold a
>> teleconference very soon.
>> Sincerely yours,
>> Sarah Wells
>> TEI Secretary and Treasurer
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