On 21 Aug 2011, at 14:22, Patrick Durusau wrote:

> The issue of travel cost is always an issue, now perhaps more than others.
> My suggestion would be that TEI member meetings be held at locations 
> with major international air ports. As I recall from the TEI meetings I 
> have attended, a rather large classroom would suffice for the meetings. 
> Surely we can find a university to sponsor a classroom for the length of 
> a TEI meeting in such locations.

I think you might be surprised at the size and scale of the recent meetings;
and by the increasing desire of universities to make money from their

> With careful trip planning, the travel cost to reach major locations 
> should be minimal.
for our colleagues in eg New Zealand or Japan, it is surely fairly immaterial
whether a meeting is in Wurzburg (an hour or two by train from F'furt) or
Frankfurt? The cost, and time expenditure, are considerable.

anyway, I bet 99% of those to made it to Zadar last year are very glad
they went there and not Frankfurt :-}   (sorry, F'furters, not personal...)

> Oh, and the directors and council members should pay their own travel 
> tabs.

I'm with you there.
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